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Akashic Records: Welcome


The Akashic Record is like a huge library that contains all the information of each being that has ever lived on Earth. Contains every word, feeling, thought, deed and intention that have ever occurred. The Akashic Records have all the information and wisdom pertaining to each and every soul ever incarnated, they are the present, past and future.

Is a connection with our spirit guides and spiritual teachers.
The Akashic Records Reading helps us bring our past and our possible future into the present moment. It has a healing effect, it allows the reflection of diverse emotional situations, that can help resolve conflicts or pending issues. It helps us understand ourselves and understand the way we create our present environment and then from there it gives us the possibility to change those aspects that we do not like or harm us, to generate well-being in our lives. In the same way, it allows us to discover hidden talents and virtues so that we can develop and apply them in our lives.

Akashic Records: Text


With your permission, I would access to your Akashic Records, acting as a channel between you and your Spiritual Guides and Teachers.
Because your Akashic Records contain all of that personal insight on a soul level, a reading can bring clarity on different situations and things such as: Why you have repeatedly chosen or found yourself in particular types of relationships or situations; The reasons you have experienced certain hardships in your life; How to determinate if the career path you have chosen is right for you on a soul level; What soul gifts you were born with. And much more!
The Akashic Record reading has a healing effect since you get to understand and to put into words certain experiences of your life that you’ve been through, and when that happens, you are open to begin a healing process.
You become aware of your path and where are you heading to.
It gives you the opportunity to awake emotions you hold inside.
If you decide to have an Akashic Records reading with me, you will have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want in order to gain clarity, guidance. When the reading is finished, I apply the technology of the “Master Symbol of Light from the 8th and 9th dimension” (where I am initiated) based on your needs and to deepen the healing process of the reading.
Then, if you wish so, we can complete the session with a short Oracle Reading.

It can be done online or in person. 

Akashic Records: Text
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