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By reconnecting with the Earth we can improve our health and sense of well-being.

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Celtic Reiki wonderfully combines the healing energy of Reiki with the ancient Wisdom of the Celts, and can be used for both healing purposes and goals manifestation.
Created by Martyn Pentecost, Celtic Reiki is a variation of Usui Reiki that uses the Earth’s vibration and specific trees in order to connect with our true essence: Mother Earth.

Therefore, Celtic Reiki combines the channelling system of the original Usui Reiki, with some of the ancient methods of the Druids. 

In this case, the symbols that are used are from The Sacred Ogham/The Celtic Tree Alphabet, a writing system used by the Druids.

In the Ogham each letter is connected with the energy of one tree or bush, and each one of them contributes a spiritual quality.

Within Celtic Reiki we find methods towards healing, personal growth, cleansing, increasing our intuition and seeing our path. It is also oriented to goal manifestations and desires, at all levels and areas of life.

Celtic Reiki: About


The Celtic civilization were a group of peoples that lived in the Iron Age, distributed in different parts of Europe.

The Celts called their Sages (mostly wise Women) Druids (wisdom of the trees).

These Sages Druids were guardians of the forest at all times and their soul was in communication with all the beings that inhabited it. They respected nature and maintained harmony with it.

For a Druid all things are interrelated (depending on each other), therefore one cannot think, say or do something without it having an impact on the whole. The entirety of Nature is a living being in and of itself.

Druids connected with the Whole to develop the power to act, the wisdom to put it into practice, and the love to use it. You cannot use the power of energies without Wisdom and without Love. Power, Wisdom and Love unify becoming one.

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Each Reiki healing session lasts approximately one hour, and is a hands on or hands above treatment with you remaining fully clothedYour treatment will consist of varying numbers of hand positions, where I will flow healing energy, starting at the head and ending at the feet.

You could feel anything from intense heat, tingling and lightness to a sense of deep peace and well being. The sensations people have felt differ.

Language of Nature: Being a Celtic Reiki therapist I have learnt the energy to connect through specific questions with the 12 Sacred Trees corresponding to the frequency of each of the Symbols.

You would be able to choose one or two of the specific questions I will tell you. They are related to development and healing or materialization of wishes and connection with your Divinity.

If you are unable to travel to have your Celtic Reiki session, distance healing is as powerful as being in person. 

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